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"When we did the Mouth of Truth scene, which is that monument in Rome and the legend is if you dare to put your hand in the Mouth of Truth, if you’ve lied, it’ll bite your hand off. But we had that little scene to do, and I remember an old bit that Red Skelton used to do. When he’d shake hands with somebody, he’d come like that [saying that, Gregory hides his hand in his sleeve]. Well, I said on the side, to Willy Wyler, ‘Well, supposing I spring that on Audrey when I put my hand in the Mouth of Truth. Is it too corny, too awful?’ he said, ‘Oh no, do it, let’s see her reaction. But don’t tell her you’re gonna do it’. So I put my hand in there and then when I brought it out, well Audrey  just screamed and went bonkers and it was a wonderful, spontaneous moment. That was only one take." Gregory Peck